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Proline Prime Short Course Mc Tyres W/Closed Cell Inserts picture
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Proline Prime Short Course Mc Tyres W/Closed Cell Inserts
# PL10113-17
Out of Stock
Price: GBP£ 24.99

Proline Prime Short Course Mc Tyres W/Closed Cell Inserts
Proline Prime Short Course Mc Tyres W/Closed Cell Inserts

Many indoor off-road race tracks have turned to carpet or pure clay style dirt in search of ultimate traction, eliminating the need for traditional treaded tires. Pro-Line’s all new Prime tires are targeted directly at racerscurrently running full “slick” tyres, saving them from having to grind treaded tyres down while delivering improved performance.

Pro-Line’s Prime tyres feature unique grooves that add traction and stability when the track is freshly watered or when there is a slight layer of thin dust that would cause a traditional “slick” tire to spin. The raised treaded portion of the Prime tire has a distinctive rough surface texture similar to a ground “slick” tyre and makes the Prime tire have the maximum performance right out of the package.

Don’t settle for anything less than Prime Performance with Pro-Line’s new Prime tyre for Short Course Trucks!


  • Unique Tyre Grooves for Added Traction and Stability

  • Rough Tread Surface for Quick Break In

  • Ideal for Tracks Where “slick” Tyres are Fastest

  • Maximum Performance Right Out Of the Package

  • Includes Closed Cell Foam Inserts

  • Save Time: No need to grind

Spec Check:

  • Height: 104mm

  • Width: 46mm

PL10113-03  Proline Prime Short Course M4 Tyres W/Closed Cell Inserts
Item can be placed on backorder.
GBP£ 22.99
QTY needed: 1
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