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Hobbywing Xrotor 20a Micro 3-4s 4-In-1 Esc picture
Hobbywing Xrotor 20a Micro 3-4s 4-In-1 Esc
# HW30901065
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Price: GBP£ 39.99

Hobbywing Xrotor 20a Micro 3-4s 4-In-1 Esc
Hobbywing Xrotor 20a Micro 3-4s 4-In-1 Esc

This XRotor 4IN1 Micro ESC not only includes 4 high-performance 20A ESCs, 1 built-in BEC, but also output ports for powering peripherals like FC, camera, and a port for FC checking current and voltage in real time. The highly integrated structure makes the installation and wiring simple and clean.

Rotation direction of every motor can be set via transmitter. This saves the trouble of re-soldering after connected/soldered motors to the ESC freely and found motor runs in reverse.

This Xrotor 20A 4IN1 Micro ESC not only supports regular throttle signals (with the frequency of up to 621Hz), Oneshot125 (125-250μs) high-speed throttle signals (with the real-time frequency of up to 3.8KHz), but also Oneshot42 (42-81μs) and Multishot (2-25μs) super high speed throttle signals. All this makes communication between FC and ESC more agile, throttle linearity smoother, and throttle response rapider.

The whole circuit board and all the components on it have gone through nano-coating treatment; this makes the XRotor 20A 4in1 Micro ESC splash-proof.

HobbyWing Xrotor 20A 4IN1 Micro Features:

  • Highly Integrated

  • Direction Reversal via TX

  • Quality Components

  • Oneshot125, Oneshot42 & Multishot Modes Ready!

  • DEO Technology/Active Freewheeling

  • Motor Block-up Protection

  • Splash-proof

Spec Check:

  • Cont./Peak Current: 20A×4/25A×4

  • LiPo Cells: 3-4S LiPo

  • BEC Output: 5.3V/12V,3A

  • Input Wires: Red-16AWG-130mm*1 / Black-16AWG-130mm*1

  • Output Wires: Black-20AWG-100mm*3 / Black-20AWG-95mm*3 / Black-20AWG-85mm*3

  • Input Connectors: No

  • Output Connectors: No

  • DEO: Supported

  • Throttle Range Calibration: Supported

  • Oneshot125 Mode: Supported

  • Oneshot42 Mode: Supported

  • MultiShot Mode: Supported

  • Timing: Not Supported

  • Motor Rotation: Supported

  • Size: 54x36x7mm

  • Weight: 24.5g

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