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Hobbywing Xerun 4274sd G2 Sensored (Black Edition) 2250kv Motor picture
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Hobbywing Xerun 4274sd G2 Sensored (Black Edition) 2250kv Motor
# HW30405000BK
Item is available.
Price: GBP£ 144.99

Hobbywing Xerun 4274sd G2 Sensored (Black Edition) 2250kv Motor
Hobbywing Xerun 4274sd G2 Sensored (Black Edition) 2250kv Motor

The first motor (in the world) with a built-in chip which helps ESC identify it's a HOBBYWING motor (when pairing with XERUN XR8/XR8 Plus) and form a power system which can work in the "Full-Sensored" mode and provide users with the better performance and smoother control.

The first "error-free" Hall sensing system (HOBBYWING's patent) (in the RC field) adopted by this motor guarantees users the steady operation in the "Full-Sensored" mode. A separate high-speed high precision encoder always output the clean signals (indicate the rotor's location) and not be affected by other signal interference.

CNC-machined aluminum ribbed heatsink case with the sensor port covered by silicon O-ring seal guarantees users the effective heat dissipation and dust prevention. New-style U gold-plated tabs with extremely-low internal resistance allows users to solder output wires easily and firmly on.

This motor is not only applicable to popular 1/8th scale racing vehicles like Cobra e-Truggy, TLR 8ight-E 3.0, AE RC8.2e, TEAM C DEX8T and Serpent-977E, but also other trucks, buggies, touring cars, etc.

HobbyWing XeRun 4274SD G2 Features:

  • Full-sensored Mode

  • Turbo Timing Technology

  • Bi-directional Adjustable Timing

  • Advanced Hall Sensing System

  • Low Cogging Torque

  • Quality Materials & Excellent Design

Spec Check:

  • Scale: 1/8th

  • Brushed/Brushless: Brushless

  • Sensored/Sensorless: Sensored

  • Pole Count: 4

  • KV Rating: 2250

  • LiPo Cells: 2-6S

  • No-load Current(A): 5.4

  • Timing: 20-40 Degrees(Adjustable)

  • O.D.(mm): 42.0

  • Length (mm): 74.0

  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 5.0

  • Weight (g): 396

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