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Etronix Csg Countersteer Gyro
# ET0078
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Price: GBP£ 15.99

Etronix Csg Countersteer Gyro
Etronix Csg Countersteer Gyro

The Etronix CSG Countersteer Gyro allows you to drive your RC car with more confidence, the CSG's hold effect manages the steering output by automatically keeping the car’s tires aligned in the direction you choose. With heading hold, the car is more manoeuvrable and controllable.

R/C driving is a skill and for some can take years of practice. It can be frustrating trying to control your vehicle in low traction conditions or when trying to master drifting or other cornering techniques without the vehicle spinning out.

The Etronix steering gyro is the perfect electronics aide for you to perform all your maneuvers like a pro! Whilst not legal for competitive racing, the gyro “damps” or reduces unwanted movement, movement that you didn’t input with the transmitter such as the rear tyres sliding and losing traction. The gyro senses this un-commanded movement, and compensates by sending a signal to the steering servo to counteract it.

This new Etronix unit is small enough to mount anywhere and great value for money.

Etronix CSG Features:

  • Compact size : 21x21x11mm

  • Lightweight : 3.6g

  • Wide operating voltage : 4V-8.4V

  • Simple set-up

  • Small enough to mount anywhere on vehicle

  • Reduces frustrating spin outs, especially on 2wd models.

  • Can help with realistic drifting

  • Supplied as standard in all FTX Sidewinder 1/8 2wd buggies

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