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Dynam Detrum Sr86a 8ch 2.4g Receiver W/Istone Stabilzer (W/Abs) picture
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Dynam Detrum Sr86a 8ch 2.4g Receiver W/Istone Stabilzer (W/Abs)
# DTM-R003
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Price: GBP£ 44.99

Dynam Detrum Sr86a 8ch 2.4g Receiver W/Istone Stabilzer (W/Abs)
Dynam Detrum Sr86a 8ch 2.4g Receiver W/Istone Stabilzer (W/Abs)

Main Control IC
32-bit high-performance ARM core processor, 6-axis MEMS gyro chipset

Control Algorithm
Original airplane attitude stabilization algorithm and control algorithm. Support normal wing, fly wing, V-tail airplanes, and 3D planes.

Flight Mode
Four flight modes: Gyro off, Normal, Aerobatic, and Auto-Recovery (Auto Balance). You can switch between different modes by the toggle switch.

Adjusting the Gain
Set the gain and other programmable items with matched transmitter.

High Sensitivity
SR86A adopts 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) and multiple frequency-hopping (FHSS) technologies, having high receiving sensitivity and strong anti-interference capability.

Diversity Antenna
By using diversity antenna, combined with the signal detection and switching algorithm, the receiving signal is stable and reliable.

Unique ID Code
Once the binding is made, the ID code is stored in the receiver and no further binding is necessary after restarting the receiver.

Fail Safe
If the aircraft flies out of the remote control range and cannot receive a valid RF signal from the transmitter, SR86A’s outputs can be driven to their preset failsafe positions.

Spec Check:

  • Channels: 8-channel

  • Sensor: 6-axis gyro

  • Sensitivity: -97dBm

  • Output: PWM (71Hz)

  • Transmission Range: More than 1,000 meters on the ground, more than 1,600 meters in the air

  • Input Voltage: 3.6V ~ 16V

  • Size: 51mmx28.4mmx14.5mm

  • Weight: 15g

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